Elberton Monument Market

Elberton Monument Market is a Digital Monument Shop designed to provide the lowest cost direct access to and support for the largest monument

Flat Granite Pet Marker Upright Granite Grave Marker Specialty Grave Markers
Pet Markers Name Plate for Desk, Office and Home High Quality Granite Benches

and stone manufacturing location in the US, and perhaps the world. Elberton, GA is a unique manufacturing center built around a huge deposit of monument quality gray/blue granite. Hundreds of small businesses quarry, design, manufacture, import, sculpt, carve, letter, etch and ship monuments and other granite products for the US Markets. Our town currently manufactures and distributes more than 40% of the monuments sold in the entire United States. We are a town of entrepreneurs and artisans, known world wide and sought out by those who want to develop, sell and distribute granite products and particularly monuments.

We are a family that came to Elberton 15 years ago to build what became the largest specialty shipping/trucking company in the area. We have managed, owned and worked in nearly every aspect of this industry and have good business relationships with hundreds of the local businesses involved with this industry. If it can be done with stone we know and work with people who can and do every day! If you are interested in a small and simple monument or a huge and complex building project we will get the right people and the right products to meet your needs.

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